Welcome to OnePersonADay.com

An introduction to our site and concept.

The idea is simple - anyone can submit a documentary of their daily lives and we'll pick one to show each day.  Each submission must follow these simple guidelines:

  1. You must be the creator of the video that you submit.
  2. Each video should highlight a single individual - this is not a marketing opportunity.
  3. Videos must be posted on YouTube.com as a single video (no more than 10 minutes long).
  4. Video content must not be in any way offensive.
  5. By submitting your video to OnePersonADay.com you agree to allow us to post it and link to it in perpetuity, and that you will not remove the video within a reasonable amount of time after it has been listed on OnePersonADay.com.

After we have received enough videos we will begin posting one a day on the front page of our site with a brief description.  We'll continue posting a new video every day until we run out of them or no one cares anymore :)

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